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Image Creation

Believing that images are more than just descriptions of events

Images are more free than imagination

I hope that through images I can subvert people's minds

Independent thinking about the causes of things

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錨點 2

Career Goal & Plan

I want to become a photographer

Because I want to use my photos to bring social issues to the public

This job is responsible for.

Operation on the camera

Aesthetic training

Communication skills


I want to be a photographer.

This is because I want to help people in the society and help the weak. I think doing this job can help them. I will do the training in my spare time.

Through two years of advanced diploma programmer, I learned a lot about the operation on the machine and the aesthetic improvement of the visuals, and will try to communicate with different people to feel their experiences to make my work more touching.

To do better, I will work harder and learn different things to help me do this job.


The Workplace of the Future
Nowadays in Hong Kong, the advancement of technology nowadays reduces the communication between people. Therefore, communication skills are very important for each of us. I learned how to talk to people and ask them to do things. Communication skills have made me feel more about other people's experiences In addition, it has improved my ability to work with people. I believe these two abilities will help me in my future work as well.


Personal Development
I want to get a driving license because I think it's really nice to have a car in Hong Kong. No need to wait for public transportation and it can save me a lot of time to watch some book videos. Therefore, I would like to take the driving test.

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